Who is Max Helm? Latest Updates 2022

Many people are curious to know about association of Max Helm with Hockey, the allegations, the rape incident and his current status. In this write-up, we will provide you the information you are looking for. His biography, history, allegations, court proceedings and some insights about his current stature.

Who is Max Helm?

Max Helm is a college student of the University of Nebraska Lincoln and an active member of a social fraternity known as Fiji. Following an incident in which he was to blame for attempted rape. Max’s actions captured a great deal of attention. Here is everything you want to know about Max Helm and the incident.

Birth and Parents

Max Helm is the son of Thomas and Melissa Helm. He is presumed to have gone to kindergarten, but no one surely know about his exact date of birth. Similarly, his other personal identifiers are not available on the Internet. Besides his parents’ names, nothing else is known about them. As he is in his twenties so we assume that he was born in early 2000s.

Max Helm

While the rape incident drew a great deal of attention to him, the details of his story are yet to be disclosed.

Popularity of Max Helm After Rape incident

On the night of August 25 2021, there was an uproar on social media in the aftermath of a rape incident occurring one night before that at the University of Nebraska Lincoln in the United States. Reports state the incident took place sometime around midnight during a wild party at the house of Fiji.

A member of Fiji Frat, known as Phi Gamma Delta, raped a 17 y.o. girl at a party, beat her up and threw her out of the house. It was later identified that the member was Max Helm. Some girl passing by took the unconscious victim to the hospital.

The news about the attack sparked a backlash among the student and members of the fraternity, and as news spread, violent demonstrations from students erupted all over the campus. The student and big brother protests then extended to social media, and many called for the suspension of the fraternity. This was subsequently granted.

Max Helm

The news about the rape incident sparked a backlash among the student and members of the fraternity, and as news spread, violent demonstrations from students erupted all over the campus. The student and protestors then extended to social media, and many called for the suspension of the fraternity, which was later granted.

Emmy Drew Public Attention Through Twitter

A Twitter user who goes by the name @emmyofthevalley, maintained continuous opposition to the emotionally detrimental incident. She claimed her sister was in the school, and it was of great concern to her. She likewise reported that the nefarious incident has been occurring for a long time, especially among members of the mentioned frat.

Max Helm

An investigation revealed that the Max Helm case is not the first for the 17-year-old girl in question. The infamous college student has been involved in the incident of same nature sometime in 2017.

What provoked the most anger was the reaction from other fraternities to the event. They aimed at humor as a way of taking it in stride. The antics and inaction of the group do not surprise anyone who’s familiar with the group’s questionable ethics. They are likewise infamous for racism as their constitution contains this clause: “No Mexicans.”

On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, a petition was made against Max Helm and Fiji, and more than a hundred thousand people signed on to it. There was also continual protest outside on the streets and on social media. Folks began trending the hashtag #FuckFiJi on social media as well.

After filing a police report, police were notified of the incident, and Max was charged with rape. However, we do not have additional information on the case.

Max Helm is not the only one

The recent UNL rape case is reported to be one of the many similar incidents that occurred at various colleges and universities across Nebraska. In fact, however, there were two other cases reported eight hours later. As a result, the University’s officials must ensure that the punishment for similar crimes is severe enough to prevent any reoccurrence.

Where Is Max Helm now?

Since the situation, there has been no information about Max online. There is no information about the whereabouts or where he is hiding at the moment.

Max Helm’s Parents

Thomas Helm and Melissa helm are the parents of Max Helm. Aside from their names, nothing else is known of them.

Max Helm Belongings

Max Helm is a part of the Fiji fraternity, also known as Phi Gamma Delta, at the University of Nebraska. The fraternity is known for having a questionable code of conduct.

Offensive Act by Max Helm

Max Helm physically assaulted and raped a 17 y.o. girl

Is Max Helm in Custody?

We do not know his whereabouts at the moment. However, after the incident, Max was arrested and charged with rape and sexual assault.

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