How To Hold A Field Hockey Stick – Basic To Advance

Field hockey is a sport that is typically played outdoors on a grass or turf field. The game is played with two teams of eleven players, and the object of the game is to score goals by hitting the ball into the opponent’s goal. Field hockey is a physically demanding sport, and proper technique is essential for success. In order to play field hockey effectively, you must first learn how to hold a field hockey stick.

Basics to Hold a Field Hockey Stick

Basic to hold a field hockey stick

In order to hold a field hockey stick properly, you must first master the grip. The most common way to hold a stick is with your middle and ring fingers around the shaft of the stick while your index finger and thumb wrap around the top. But to master this you have to first know all the parts of a field hockey stick. Field Hockey Stick Parts:

1. Blade

The blade is the front end of the field hockey stick. It is where you hit the ball. The blade is curved to help you hit the ball in the right direction. There are different types of blades, depending on your playing style. You can buy a blade that is curved more or less, depending on what type of shot you want to take.

2. Handle

The second part of a field hockey stick is the handle. The handle is important because it helps you to hold the stick and to control the ball. When you are choosing a field hockey stick, you should make sure that the handle fits your hand properly. You should also make sure that the handle is made from a durable material, such as carbon fiber.

3. Head

The head of a field hockey stick is the part of the stick that you use to hit the ball. It is important to hold the head of the stick in the correct position so that you can hit and control the ball correctly. The top of the head should be parallel with the ground, and your hands should be gripping the stick just below the head.

4. Face

The face of a field hockey stick is important for controlling the ball. It is the part of the stick that you use to hit and dribble the ball. When you hold the stick, make sure that your fingers are close to the face. This will give you better control of the ball.

5. Heel

The heel is the curved side of the stick. The heel should be curved so that it fits comfortably in your hand. You should also have a good grip on the heel so that you can control the ball.

6. Grip

The grip is the topmost part of the stick and it can be identified by its distinctive material, which can be leather, rubber, or any other type of grip material. It is important to hold onto the grip tightly as it provides control over the direction and speed of the ball.

Method of Holding a Field Hockey Stick

If you are just starting out playing field hockey, or if you are having trouble controlling the ball, you may need to adjust your grip. You have to Place your left hand on the top of the stick and your right on the base of the grip. This will help you keep the stick steady as you hit or dribble the ball. Make sure to keep your hands close together; this will give you more power when hitting or shooting the ball.

V-shape Method

The V-shape method is widely used to hold a field hockey stick. The main advantage of this is that it gives you more control over the ball. You can achieve this by gripping the stick with your thumb and first two fingers while keeping your index finger out of the way. This allows you to move the stick in all directions, making it easier to control the ball.

Two-Handed Grip

The two-handed grip is especially useful when you need to pass or shoot the ball. The two-handed grip gives you more control over the stick and allows you to hit the ball harder. When using this grip, make sure that your hands are close together and that your bottom hand is in control of the stick.

L-Shaped Grip

There are many ways to hold a field hockey stick, but one of the most popular is the L-shaped grip. This grip allows you to maneuver the stick easier while also giving you more control over the ball. To perform this grip, place your dominant hand at the top of the stick and your other hand towards the bottom. You can then use your dominant hand to control the direction of the ball while your other hand provides stability.

Vertical Grip

The most effective way to score goals is by using a vertical grip. With this grip, you hold the stick parallel to the ground and use your top hand to control the movement of the ball. This grip gives you more power and control over the ball, allowing you to score more goals.

Advanced techniques to hold a field hockey stick

There are a few field hockey stick techniques that might be considered more advanced, but they’re all ones you’ll have to learn as you progress in the game.

Side-on Grip

One such technique is the side-on grip. This grip is useful for hitting the ball hard and accurately. To get into the side-on grip, hold your stick with one hand on top of the other and turn your body so that your front shoulder is facing the ball.

Be aware that this technique is a little harder to get used to than the regular grip because you have to swivel your body around and turn your front shoulder towards the ball. The side-on grip is useful for hitting the ball hard and accurately.

Reverse Stick Trapping

The next more advanced technique is called reverse stick trapping. This is used to control the ball when it’s coming at you quickly or when there isn’t much time to react. To do this, hold your stick so that the back of your hand is facing the ball and hit it with the edge of your stick.

This will stop the ball in its tracks and give you time to react to it. If it does hit your stick, don’t panic! Just change your grip so that you are holding the stick slightly further back on the shaft. Now, you’re ready to hit it back and stop it again.


To scoop the ball, you will need to hold your hockey stick like a shovel. Place the blade of your stick on the ground and angle it towards the ball. Then, use your bottom hand to push down on the top of the stick while using your top hand to flick the blade up.

This will cause the ball to jump off of the ground and towards you. Make sure to keep your stick close to your body so that you can control the ball when it comes towards you.

Short-handle Grip

When you are first learning how to hold a field hockey stick, it is important to use the correct grip. This grip will help you control the stick and improve your shooting and passing skills. The grip is simple – both hands move midway down the stick.

Clench on the “V” pointing in the direction of the toe fin (curved edge of the tip) of the stick. Make sure your hands are close together and your thumbs are pointed down. This grip will allow you to use your wrists and fingers to control the stick.


In conclusion, holding a field hockey stick is not as difficult as one might think. It just takes a bit of practice and patience. Remember to keep both hands on the stick and use your fingers and thumbs to grip it. Be sure to tuck your bottom hand under your top hand and position your wrists together. When you are ready to hit the ball, extend your arms and lean into the shot. Good luck and have fun!

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