Field Hockey Shooting Drills

Field hockey is a sport that is often overlooked in the United States. However, it is a very popular sport in other countries. The main purpose of field hockey shooting drills is to score more goals against defenders. This can be done by shooting the ball into the opposing team’s goal. There are many different ways to shoot the ball, and each player has their own shooting style. In order to be a successful shooter, you must practice regularly. Field hockey shooting drills are important for improving your shooting accuracy.

Cone Drill

One of the most important field hockey shooting drills is the cone drill. In this drill, you will be shooting at a cone in front of you. You will shoot from different places on the field to see how well you can hit the target. You should shoot from various places around the cone.

Cross-court Shot Drill

Another important field hockey shooting drill is the cross-court shot. In this drill, you will shoot the ball across the goal line and into the opposite goal. You will practice this by hitting a ball from one end of the field to another.

Wall Shooting Drill

One of the most important field hockey shooting drills is the wall drill. In this drill, you will need a teammate to help you. You will stand about 10 yards away from your teammate, who will be holding a ball. You will then take a few steps back and shoot the ball at your teammate, who will try to stop it. If you are able to score, your teammate will give you the ball and you will start again.

Triangle Shooting Drill

Field Hockey triangle Shooting Drills

The triangle shooting drill is a field hockey drill that can be used by beginner and experienced players alike. The triangle is made up of three players, with one player in the middle and the other two players on either side of him. The player in the middle will have a ball and he will need to pass it to one of the players on the outside.

After the player has received the ball, he will then shoot it towards the goal. The other two players will need to be constantly moving so that they can get into a position to receive a pass from the player in the middle. This drill is a great way to improve your shooting skills and it is also a lot of fun to play.

180 Shooting Drill

This final shooting drill is a great way to practice your accuracy and shot power. To do this drill, you will need two cones or markers placed about 10 yards apart. Start by positioning yourself at one of the cones. Next, sprint towards the other cone and take a shot as you reach it. After your first shot, quickly turn around and sprint back to the other cone. Take another shot as you reach it. Keep repeating this process until you have taken six shots.


In conclusion, practicing your shooting accuracy is key to becoming a better field hockey player. There are many different shooting drills that you can do to improve your skills. By practicing regularly, you will be able to score more goals and help your team win games.

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