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Franklin Sports Street Hockey Gloves

Evo Pro Street Hockey Gloves

Warrior 2017 Evo Street Hockey Gloves

Mylec Mk5 Pro Street Hockey Gloves

Mylec MK3 Street Hockey Gloves

Mylec Ultra Pro II Street Hockey Gloves

Street Hockey Gloves are no different from any other sport in that your equipment can significantly impact how you play. The ideal pair will enable you to forget that you are using gloves, allowing you to concentrate on the game while also saving you money on replacement costs.

There is nothing worse than taking a strong shot, deflection, or even a stick off of your hand or wrist while playing street hockey, ball hockey, or ice hockey. It won’t just hurt, but it can also hinder your ability to perform well for the remainder of the match.

Choosing which Street Hockey Gloves to purchase can seem daunting because there are so many different aspects that go into making a great glove. We have put up a list of the top 7 hockey gloves available right now to aid you. You should also read our buyer’s guide at the end of this post since it will teach you how to determine which are the best hockey gloves for you.

If you want to replace your Street Hockey Gloves, this article will look more closely at a few possibilities.

Here, we want to show you the best hockey gloves that will provide you with the maximum comfort, protection, and grip. We’ve included the best of the best in our list of the Top 6 Hockey Gloves so you can spend more time getting ready for your next game and less time scouring the internet for hours.

To discover more about the various alternatives you have when looking for a new pair of Street Hockey Gloves to protect your hands, keep reading this guide till the end.

You can learn more about the various types of Street Hockey Gloves on the market, their features and designs, the things you should think about when selecting a street hockey glove, how to fit them, and the various parts of the gloves, in this post.

We have chosen gloves that range in quality and price from the best and most expensive to deals at around half the cost. Which fit, traditional or anatomical, do you favor? 3- or 2-piece index fingers? See which ones will work best for you and which hockey gloves we chose as our favorites in the paragraphs below!

Franklin Sports Street Hockey Gloves

Street Hockey Gloves

With the Franklin Sports premium goalie set, you can confidently control your rebounding! The 28″ goalie leg pads, the 12″ goalie catch glove, and the 14″ goalie blocker are all included in one set. Street hockey goalies require reliable security and comfort. These pads feature a pre-curved knee, a tapered thigh rise, and adjustable fast-lock webbing straps to offer the best possible comfort and protection.

The catch glove has a deep pocket, a t-strap, a backhand pad that covers the entire hand, and a full-coverage cuff for the best possible defense against flailing sticks in the crease. A lightweight high-density foam blocking pad, a soft leather glove with a full flex cuff, a padded thumb, and knuckle guards are all unique features of this goalie blocker. This set is a fantastic method to get more assurance while playing the pipes. Use only with a 2-5/8″ official street hockey ball. It is made to lessen injury rather than to prevent it.

  • Shock Lite foam provides lightweight protection
  • Triple density foam fingers
  • Super Comfortable
  • Quick to break in
  • Hyperdense finger lining
  • Connect +Palm improves grip
  • 3-piece finger and flex thumb
  • Superior durability
  • The thick foam can make the glove feel cumbersome

Evo Pro Street Hockey Gloves

Street Hockey Gloves

The Authentic Pro palm+ is the most basic palm design and offers an unrivalled stick feel with a comfortable fit. The Cage FLX System produces a backhand feel free of restrictions and offers more ventilation and impact performance. For high-impact performance, IMAX high-density foam is molded and segmented in important impact zones.

Great Mobility And Fit

The EVO PRO GLOVE has a tonne of high-end features. Without a question, they are the best hockey gloves available and among the best overall. The anatomical hybrid taper fit of these gloves is designed to fit securely around your hand but progressively open out at the cuff. This offers the wrist the most movement and stick handling control, paired with the three-segment cuff and two-piece thumb.

Lightweight And Durable

These street hockey gloves were developed with durability in mind in every way. They are truly built to last thanks to their durable construction and foam padding. Strengthening material has been added to the palm’s common wear spots to increase durability while softening the feel. The Super Tacks EVO PRO GLOVE is incredibly light, which increases your effectiveness on the ice.

Total Protection

These EVO Pro Gloves provide incredibly superior protection. The entire hand is protected from harm with the full coverage PE foam cushioning and PE inserts. Despite this, the EVO PRO GLOVE prioritizes both dexterity and protection while not being overly bulky. Additionally, the polygene-treated liner reduces moisture and unpleasant odors. The main negative is that the stick’s feel does suffer a little from the palm’s emphasis on longevity.

  • Snug fit yet flexible wrist
  • 3-segment cuff and 2-piece thumb
  • Fantastic mobility
  • PE foam padding and PE inserts
  • Pro Clarino palm for comfort and durability
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Polygene treated liner
  • Durability prioritized over stick feel

Warrior 2017 Evo Street Hockey Gloves

Street Hockey Gloves

One of the top producers of cutting-edge, innovative, high-performance clothes, footwear, and equipment for lacrosse and hockey players of all ages and skill levels is Warrior Sports. The Evo collection strikes the ideal blend between the most cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true on-field performance. With the New Authentic Pro Palm for comfort and durability, the Truvents and Wartech lining for excellent ventilation, and the New Bone System of molded PE (polyethylene) board mixed in with other foam in key impact zones to provide greater impact performance.

Flexible Yet Protected

The AMP free flex cuff system adds extra protection for the wrist and forearms, while the dual density foam padding provides adequate protection. The anatomical fit also lessens impact pain. These gloves excel on the mobility front as well, in large part because of the three-piece articulation on the index finger. These gloves are made to be sturdy, flexible, and light thanks to the excellent nylon mesh shell.

Fast Dry Technology

These gloves have an antibacterial layer that guards against odors while also keeping your hands dry. This is crucial for both the longevity of the gloves and comfort while playing. Your hands will stay as dry and cool as possible with the help of ventilated areas on the thumb and palm that encourage ventilation! Additionally, the AX Suede Quattro palm has technology for fungus prevention, which can enhance your grip later on throughout the game.

  • Very snug fit
  • 3-piece index finger for dexterity
  • Antimicrobial odor-resistant lining
  • Ventilated patches keep hands dry
  • Double density foam
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Improved wrist protection with AMP cuff system
  • It May feel too tight for some

Mylec Mk5 Pro Street Hockey Gloves

Street Hockey Gloves

Fantastic Protection

The fingers and wrists, which are among our most delicate areas, are especially well protected by these Warrior hockey gloves. Impact protection for the fingers and back of the hand is provided by padding composed of Exo+ foam and hard plastic inserts. The AxyFlex cuff increases movement while providing complete wrist and forearm protection.

Durable And Lightweight

The glove has a tough exterior made of nylon and cable mesh. Additionally, the palm features a Gatorskin Clarino layer that is added on top to increase durability. The microfiber lining, which has been injected with polygene, will wick away sweat and keep your gloves sterile. The durability of these gloves has been much improved, but they are still incredibly light. This, combined with how comfortable they are, will make you almost forget you’re wearing them. Check out our review and pick the top one for your personal rink if you want to practice skating and hockey at home.

  • Floating cuff for wrist mobility and protection
  • Smart Palm + improves grip
  • 2-piece flex thumb
  • Extra protection from plastic inserts
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Polygene lining
  • Super soft feel
  • Takes time to get used to the thumb
  • Not much mobility in fingers

Mylec MK3 Street Hockey Gloves

Street Hockey Gloves

The player gloves from Mylec are incredibly strong and lightweight for fast-paced Street and Dek-hockey activity.

Interchangeable Palms

These gloves’ ZPalm adaptable palm technology is one outstanding feature. You can mix and match the four additional True Hockey palms to create the ideal combination for you by switching the palms.

Great Protection

Medium-density foam is used throughout the hockey gloves to provide reasonable protection without adding excessive weight. Additionally, they include PE inserts to add more impact protection. The inner lining’s antibacterial technology keeps your gloves dry and cool, which also increases comfort.

  • Ergonomic cuff for mobility
  • True Flex+ Lock thumb
  • Triple segmentation in fingers
  • Interchangeable palms
  • Decent protection yet lightweight
  • Antimicrobial technology
  • Sizing runs a bit small
  • Zippers may not last very long

Mylec Ultra Pro II Street Hockey Gloves

Street Hockey Gloves

Street hockey shin pads from Mylec are sleek, lightweight, and strong for sprinting up and down any sports court surface.

Very Comfortable

These hockey gloves also have a Thermo-Max lining which is soft and comfortable as well as keeps your hands at the perfect temperature. Many players find the classic fit most comfortable, as it provides optimal mobility for the wrist and wiggle room for the fingers. The Quattro Grip palm with AX suede provides an excellent stick feel, though the bulkiness of the gloves does hinder this somewhat.

Cool and Odor-Free

Thanks to the moisture-wicking lining, these gloves will stay cool and odor free for a long time, preventing bacteria from developing. On top of that, the cable mesh exterior and poly knit material on the finger gussets make them super breathable, which also keeps the moisture levels low. These are a fantastic pair of hockey gloves at an extremely affordable price.

  • Dual-density foam and poly inserts
  • Thermo Max lining
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Great airflow
  • Quattro grip palm
  • Abrasion resistant
  • On the bulky side
  • The grip is not the best

What To Consider When Choosing Your Street Hockey Gloves

Hockey Glove Size Chart

Street Hockey Gloves

Because we want you to be as informed as possible, here are a few final things to consider before acquiring street hockey gloves.

Street Hockey Glove Material

Today, few players use real leather gloves as they are heavy and not very protective. Nylon is highly favoured as it is breathable and lightweight, but some players prefer synthetic leather for its durability. These days, composites of the two are becoming popular.

Thumb Locks

A thumb lock is a plastic insert that only bends in one direction, protecting your thumb from bending backward unnaturally. Most street hockey gloves today have a thumb lock, but not all do.


All street hockey gloves have padding, but they vary in terms of thickness and shape. The shape of the padding will affect the way you can move your hands, which is a matter of personal preference.


The weight of your gloves is a function of the number of things materials used, the amount of padding, and even sweat-wicking ability. Heavier street hockey gloves tend to have more padding and thus provide more protection, but if your gloves are too heavy, they will slow you down.

Protection Vs Mobility

As we have said above, greater protection usually means more weight and decreased mobility. So how do you decide which to prioritize? Well, it depends on the type of player you are and your role in the team. If you’re a playmaker, a more lightweight, flexible option is best. But if you’re a power player taking heavy slap shots and getting pushed around in the corners, you’ll need extra protection.

Protection is crucial for all hockey players even if you value mobility, do not choose overly thin gloves.


Street Hockey gloves can cost anywhere between $50-$210 for senior players.


All the street hockey gloves on this list are the best gloves for someone! It all depends on your budget, fit preference, and priorities. A good street hockey glove can seriously improve your game but when it comes down to it, the glove is only as good as the player wearing it.

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